Rey&Liza copy

Founders Rey Achurra & Liza Espinoza-Achurra

Why Choose Us?

We are a group of dedicated, professional and accomplished Artists who design looks exclusively for you.

Our approach is to deliver individual attention that suits your needs and provides for you, the best that the beauty and fashion industry has to offer. Think of your Artists as your personal haute coutre designer for hairdressing and let them help you Show Your Style!

Manifesto… as represented by our logo

The Mirror image reflects water and it’s continuous flow, movement and evolution. It is flexible, yet strong. Our work reflects pride, art, skill, caring and attention to detail as well as our love of Beauty and Fashion. Most importantly our work will reflect the Best of You.

The Circles represent infinite potential. We’re dedicated to constant growth through education, mentoring, support, and exposure.

The Dragonfly symbolizes creative imagination as a force, and the concept of joy. We love what we do! It speaks to the magic of colour and the power of light; plus it can fly!

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